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Ah, the last of the Big Bangs. A total of 60K words written of both Behind the Shield and this. Dude, I totally think this excuses me from NaNovWriMo. LOL.

Title: Lockdown
Author: Yuma aka mrwubbles
Artist: ms_ellery
Betas: brate7 & penfold_x
Words: 28,000+
Pairing: none
Genre: Gen, team fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings and/or Spoilers: Vague spoilers up to 6X02 "Agent Afloat"
Summary: It's SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), except there was nothing standard about being shot, trapped and possibly hunted down within NCIS. Being locked in also means you can't get out. For the 2010 ncis_bigbang.

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | conclusion

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Author's Note: Writing a fic is never a one man production. A Big Bang story, I have learned, takes a village. I may write the fic but the artists and the betas make the story happen.

Many thanks to brate7 and penfold_x for the beta! I know my constant 'tweaking' couldn't have been fun. You were firm with your red pens and patient through my email's version of hand wringing. Thank you for being there for me!

To ms_ellery, whose beautiful artwork graced this fic, my gratitude for such incredible work! It stuns and amazes me how you were able to visualize what was on paper and flesh out such startling and vivid images!

And to krazykipper and the comm ncis_bigbang for once again doing this. Gathering of writers, artists, deadlines into a cohesive community chocked filled with fic is a wonderful gift to the fandom. Thank you for doing this!

And thank you readers, for being here!

Gratefully Yours, Yum@ (2010)

Disclaimer: I don't really own them. I'm just borrowing them to feed them milk and cookies and tea sandwiches, maybe we'll start a knitting cabal, a Jane Austen book club, Gibbs could serve crumpets and Ducky could brew Darjeeling tea…Yea, like I said, don't own them. LOL.

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