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So news came about LJ moving servers across the ways and oh, I guess I'm never one for change. Halfway down Copperbadge's post summed up my concerns nicely:

[ Yipe! ]

Honestly, I'm mostly on AO3 these days anyway. I do have a Tumblr and Instagram account I should pay attention to as well. But like my plants, they get the occasional deluge when I do remember. Whatever ficlets I post, they'll all be [ here ].

If for whatever reason, I do have a thought, I may plop them down [ here ]. I'm still on the line about my Tumblr page. I don't feel witty enough to maintain it. LOL.

Like Stargate, LiveJournal has a warm, fuzzy spot in my heart, but the changes that risk my privacy and the potential to invite bad things has signaled a time to move. I'd already have a Dreamwidth account before, but like my ferns, it wallowed in neglect. Now, I'm moving my DW account to a sunny spot and will let my LJ account stay quiet in the shadows.

I hope to see you all there. Even if just to say hello. I'll leave a post up in a few days just for that.

This isn't goodbye. Just: "See you later"

I'll leave cookies out for you.


AO3 --> [ here ]

Dreamwidth --> [ here ]

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~ Gandalf "The Hobbit"

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