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Non-Sequitur: 欢迎!

欢迎 to New York, Chen Guangcheng.

'The hardest the journey makes your destination a grander reward'

I wish I could have been there to join in and greet you in person. 欢迎!

Kowtow Deeply,

TV Reaction: Person of Interest "Super"

The fact they made me wait an excruciating few weeks after such a hiatus cliffhanger (did I mention I hate cliffhangers) should deduct points...

Use the cushion!Collapse )

Non-Sequitur: Holiday Catalogs

6 Catalogs I Don't Mind Getting For the Holidays (But I Should)
1. Williams-Sonoma
2. Crate-n-Barrel (hm, sense a retail theme)
3. Container Store
4. Think Geek
5. Harry and David (covers face)
6. Barnes & Noble

Yea, catalogs?! Totally non-sequitur for my LJ, but I got them all in the mail today and yet all I could think of was "Awesoooome!". LOL.

Wait, did you hear that? I think a tree just fell in the rainforest. Eep.
What cruel, maniacal, twisted son of a TV writer invented TO BE CONTINUED?!

Seriously, if you can't figure out by now there be spoilers behind this cut...Collapse )

TV Reaction: Sons of Anarchy (2nd Look)

Maybe I need to finish watching the early seasons (faster, QuikFlix Netflix, faster!)

Motorcycle goes vroom, vroom!Collapse )
Because these two vids need to be acknowledged as it hits upon other fan fun favorites: Top Gear and Muppets.

You heard me. Muppets

Why temples should be built for themCollapse )
This video was made by the crew for David Tennant's departure of Doctor Who, played to the music of his favorite music band evah. LOL.

Seriously, key highlights? Line marching with Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane and da Master. Link shared to me today. Thought I'd pay it forward to all of you because this vid was just full of happy.

How can you not love Ten?Collapse )

TV Reaction: Fringe (2nd Look NOT!)

To be fair, baseball fans, I too was riveted to game 7 (then again, it could be the 12oz candy corn binge during my traditional Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin showing). Nevertheless, SpoilerFix summed up my emo nicely:

Large Pic Behind CutCollapse )

TV Reaction: 9X06 "Thirst" (NCIS)

Spoilery, proverbial kneejerk reaction and -points icon-

If I Had Rules...Collapse )

TV Reaction: Person of Interest (2nd Look)

I always give shows 4-5 episodes before a final verdict...

Note: Spoilery word stuff behind cut.

Okay, I'll try the Eggs BenedictCollapse )

Thank You, Steve (RIP 1955-2011)

Love him or hate him, you can not deny he had made a mark on our generation.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011Collapse )


TV Quote of the Day

Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?

~ Gandalf "The Hobbit"

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