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The Adventures of Mr. Wubbles & Yum@

"stop ruining my story with your logic" Castle

mrwubbles (aka Yuma)
15 July
Who is Mr Wubbles?

Mr. Wubbles is...

A rather over-stuffed bear who's highly opinionated and not afraid to speak up. Partnered up with fan girl, Mr. Wubbles rather enjoy a lovely fanfic or two than be bashed and lugged around by fan girl in their younger years. Stuffing long ago going to his head, he's rather imbalanced and a bit unpredictable. But in his better days, he can be quite the friendly companion and even almost cuddly.

Big stubby arms and legs, no mouth (but doesn't mean he doesn't have anything to say!), Mr. Wubbles enjoys a rousing routine of activities stemming from watching television (whether he wants to or not), reading fanfic (again whether he wants to or not), and be dragged by fan girl into new fandoms kicking and screaming.

Er...that is if he can kick or scream. He is a bear, you know.

Who is Fan Girl?

The cheerful (unless not armed with her usual grande, no foam, skim, triple shot, extra hot, Americano Latte) sidekick of Mr. Wubbles, also known to some as Yum@. Friends with the sardonic old bear since childhood, she is tolerated by the bear because he really has no place to go without her. (He has an issue with rent-control and with employment at the time being) She has no hesitation in using his overstuffed cranium to beat out small fires, tumble him down the stairs (accidentally, I assure you!), or squeeze more stuffing into his head when viewing a television episode that is "yucky". Like Mr. Wubbles, she has little tolerance for fans who aren't really fans and really just mean people who wish to be mean to fellow fans, stupid people at work who lost their common sense since the age of five, and for stories that have a Jacky-poo or Sammy-poo romping in a stack of hay before dancing/prancing off the Burnt Seina, golden sunset with their offspring of over-saccharin-ness!

Fan girl is happy to play in any fandom unless she finds a troll. Then it's "Here comes Wubbles!" as she takes her bear and quite cheerfully wallops a fan-troll on the head with it!